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Why "Part P approved" is important

When choosing any tradesman you want to be sure they are capable and efficient
in their field of expertise Part P approval means that the Electrician is
fully aware of the impact of their work on the rest of the building.
This applies not only to direct electrical work but also

  • Existing structure of the building
  • Ensuring work does not interfere with fire barriers
  • Site safety               
  • Ensuring soundproofing is not degraded              
  • Taking account of Ventilation of the building
  • Energy efficiency measures
  • Accessibility of sockets and switches

Why 17th Edition is important

Electricity can be dangerous. For many years Government and industry experts
have worked to provide legislation and regulations to protect people,
livestock and property from the dangerous effects electricity can have
if there is a fault. The 17th edition wiring regulations are
the latest requirements all Electricians should be working to.
Working to these wiring regulations the electrical installation is installed tested and inspected to make sure it is safe to use and should a fault develop there are safeguards in place for protection against harm or damage.

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